As if teenagehood weren’t hard enough, Anushan struggles to fit in at the inhospitable French capital his parents chose to make home. Obstinately rejecting his Tamil identity and weary of his parents’ obscure immigration history, he has his mind set on getting accepted into a band trio, when, unexpectedly, his uncle shows up from Sri Lanka, with wounds of war still raw.

Expertly using the displaced family unit as battlefield to shed light on the trauma of the Tamil Sri Lankan conflict, Vibirson Gnanatheepan, in his riveting directorial debut, crafts a delicate coming of age story that’s brimming with heart and urgency.

Fiction, Drama, Coming-of-Age

Vibirson Gnanatheepan

Vibirson Gnanatheepan is a young author of Tamil origin. He started working as a casting director in films like Giacomo Abbruzzese’s Disco Boy and Lawrence Valin’s The Loyal Man and has now finished his first short film as a director, Anushan.

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Shorts Program: Fragmented Realities

North American Premiere

Vibirson Gnanatheepan

Stanislas Wicker, Samy Boudiaf, Charles Benoin, (SIC) Pictures, Zangro, Bien ou Bien Productions

Vibirson Gnanatheepan

Valentin Vignet

Anaïs Manuelli

Kirujan Logeswaran, Eitan Cattani Enquin, Guru, KP Logathas, Vathana Arumugarajah