Join the IFFLA team as an intern or a volunteer and experience a vibrant cinema and culture while you develop new friendships and connections in the film industry!

Interns get to work with the festival staff and have an opportunity to see first hand how it all comes together. Interns are needed in various departments from production to programming to sponsorship and marketing. Volunteers are similarly needed in each department primarily the weeks leading up and during the festival.

Volunteers are the backbone of the festival. They have the opportunity to work with the festival team, interact with audience and talented filmmakers as well as industry professionals. Not to mention, they get to earn tickets to watch incredible films.

We welcome interns and volunteers to work closely with the festival team to ensure a great festival experience for our local community of creatives, patrons, industry and media representatives.

Please email to sign up.

We look forward to welcoming you to the IFFLA family!

*Must be 18 years of age