Eelu and Manu have been best friends forever. Their relationship is tested on a hot summer afternoon, as Eelu is about to leave town to pursue her college ambitions, while Manu is stuck working at a beauty salon.

A lush and warm visual design evocatively captures the transitional world of these two young women, as fantasy and childhood revelry give way to worldly ambitions and personal loss. Featuring wonderfully lived-in performances by its charismatic leads, this coming-of-age tale by debut director Shashwat Dwivedi was produced by Anurag Kashyap (Gangs of Wasseypur).

Bobby beauty parlor director
Shashwat Dwivedi

Born in Kanpur, India, Shashwat Dwivedi is a screenwriter, lyricist, and filmmaker. He is an alumnus of the Asian Academy of Film and Television, where he specialized in direction and screenwriting. He has worked extensively with renowned Indian auteur Anurag Kashyap as his assistant director, script supervisor, and lyricist. Shashwat’s stories are rooted in Indian culture, often analyzing the conflicts of a newer world with the current one. He thoroughly enjoys books, comedy, and food.

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Shorts Program 2

World Premiere

Shashwat Dwivedi

Anurag Kashyap, Ranjan Singh, Janhavi Asthana, Shashwat Dwivedi

Shashwat Dwivedi, Janhavi Asthana

Janhavi Asthana

Tanya Chhabria


Parul Rana, Adrija Sinha, Saksham Raj, Preeti Kochar