Sick and tired of having no audience, four Indian-American friends in 1960s San Francisco are about to give up on their rock band when their frontman, capitalizing on the growing hippie fascination with Eastern cultures, devises a rebrand. Pretending to be a classical Hindustani group who have just set foot in the United States may catapult them to the fame they deserve.

Featuring an irresistible ensemble cast, this spirited directorial debut by Punya Chatterjee is, at once, a witty satire about cultural appropriation and a heartfelt reflection on the wildly dissonant diasporic soul.

Chakras Director Punya Chatterjee
Punya Chatterjee

Punya Chatterjee is a Los Angeles-based writer and director from Austin. From a young age, he made comedy videos for his YouTube channel GeekSlayer, amassing more than 20 million views and sparking his love for filmmaking. He sharpened his skills while studying at Stanford University by making dozens of music videos, commercials, and comedy shorts. He was the cinematographer on the dramedy pilot Down Bad, which premiered at the Pan African Film + Arts Festival in 2023. His work frequently features comedic and musical elements, on full display in his debut short Chakras For Sale, which he is currently adapting into a feature.

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Shorts Program 2

Punya Chatterjee

Toni Adeyemi

Punya Chatterjee

Xander Veguilla

Punya Chatterjee

Shamik Ganguly, Conrad Kisunzu, Sid Chattopadhyay

Rishi Mahesh, Karan Menon, Maya Rangulu, Dani Lyle, Karthik Kal, Shamik Ganguly, Sam Roach, Weston Berger