On the face of it, the Arangu theater group looks like a safe space for a woman. Its sole actress, Anjali, appears to enjoy a forthright camaraderie with the rest of the twelve male members. Things are put to a test when one of the members gropes Anjali during a celebratory night out. When her partner and fellow actor Vinay finds out, he calls for a group meeting to decide on the expulsion of the accused. As doubts grow and skeletons come tumbling out, things quickly descend into chaos, with none of the men coming off with flying colors. 

In his debut feature film, Anand Ekarshi, deftly deals with a critical feminist issue, but from the flip side. Instead of foregrounding the act of violation against the woman, he trains his camera on how men try to take control of the narrative in the aftermath of an offense. Ekarshi scripts Aattam like a chamber drama, builds the tension bit by bit to a taut, riveting cliffhanger of a climax. Having started his own creative journey on stage, Ekarshi draws from the world of theater and performance arts. The strong, finely tuned ensemble is led by young emerging star Zarin Shihab (The Family Man) and popular names like Vinay Forrt (Premam, Thamasha) and Kalabhavan Shajohn (Drishyam, Lucifer). Aattam is not just an authentic portrayal of patriarchy but also a stinging dissection and critique of toxicity and male entitlement. 


Content Advisory: Mild themes of sexual assault

Fiction, Drama, Female-centered, First Feature

Anand Ekarshi
Anand Ekarshi

Anand Ekarshi is a filmmaker from Kerala, India. His interest in theater and acting began at the age of 10 and grew with time into a passion for filmmaking. He credits his roots in storytelling to his time with Lokadharmi, a Kochi-based theater group where he was a part of numerous performances across India for over a decade. His recent projects include Malayalam short films, music videos, and a short stint under acclaimed filmmaker Imitaz Ali. A graduate in Communicative English and a post-graduate in Psychology, Anand finds inspiration for his narratives in the complexities of the human mind. Aattam (The Play) is his feature debut.

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October 13, 2023 7:15 pm

World Premiere

Anand Ekarshi

Ajith Joy

Anand Ekarshi

Anurudh Aneesh

Mahesh Bhuvanend

Zarin Shihab, Vinay Forrt, Kalabhavan Shajohn, Nandan Unni, Selvaraj Raghavan VR, Aji Thiruvankulam, Sudheer Babu, Madan Babu, Santhosh Piravom, Sijin Sijeesh, Jolly Antony, Sanosh Murali, Prasanth Madhavan