Two curious young boys decide to skip Sunday school and head for a swim at the local lake. But their carefree afternoon turns into a rude awakening, as they get thrust into the troubled world of their adult role models.

Working with non-actors who deliver wonderfully naturalistic performances and infusing the world of their story with the visceral beauty of 16mm film, IFFLA alumnus Theja Rio (Angh, 2021) effortlessly weaves together fragments of his memories into a sensitively resonant coming-of-age tale. Ade (On A Sunday) recently world premiered at the 2024 International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Ade director Theja Rio
Theja Rio

London-based writer and director Theja Rio has premiered short films at many Oscar and BAFTA-qualifying film festivals worldwide. His first film was shot in 2015 in Sicily, Italy, under the guidance of renowned industry professionals, including cinematographer Manuel Alberto Claro. Rio’s short film Angh garnered accolades at prestigious film festivals such as Palm Springs ShortFest and Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival and has been featured in lectures at art galleries in France. Rio has an MA degree in Directing Fiction from the National Film and Television School (NFTS) in the United Kingdom.

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Shorts Program 2

North American Premiere

Theja Rio

Theja Rio, Dan Pusa, Nancy Nisa Beso

Theja Rio

Natdanai Naksuwarn

Yiwei Pu

Nir Perlman

Visalie Kuotsu, Kedo Kuotsu, Neithongunuo Sorhie, Razouselhou Rio