Perturbed by a haunting recurring rumble that reverberates across the mountains, two shepherds in a remote Himalayan region try to alert their elders and engage their local community. But, to their dismay, no one else around them seems to hear or care.

A vivid glimpse into the idiosyncrasies of a remote community turns into an intriguing parable about the greatest existential threat of our times. Amidst elegant cinematography, understated performances, and whiffs of humor, the film artfully weaves together a quietly eerie mystery that carries a sense of inevitable doom. The film premiered at the 2023 International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Last days of summer director Stenzin Tankong
Stenzin Tankong

Born in 1990, Stenzin Tankong is a Film and Television graduate from the Symbiosis Centre of Media and Communication in Pune, India. He is a director and scriptwriter from Ladakh. He has been working on motion pictures for about five years and aims to bring the stories of his people and culture onto the world platform. Last Days of Summer is his first professional film.

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June 28, 2024 7:00 pm

Shorts Program 1

Los Angeles Premiere

Stenzin Tankong

Flore Cavigneaux, Jérôme Blesson, Stenzin Tankong, Urgain Phuntsog

Stenzin Tankong

Jigmet Wangchuk

Stenzin Tankyong

Andrea Boccadoro

Tsewang Chodak, Stanzin Thupstan, Padma Angmo