As sinister new laws are gleefully announced by the Minister of Belonging demanding increasingly ludicrous proofs of allegiance, Lovely, an enterprising woman, embarks on a journey to save her flamboyant lingerie shop that has been dutifully serving her sleepy village community for years, forging unexpected alliances along the way.

Drawing from the theater of the absurd, Yuki Elias, a prolific theater director and actor, vividly brings to life an outrageous dystopian world that feels eerily too close. Daring and provocative, this delightfully subversive and utterly entertaining film offers glimmers of hope in the resilience of its extraordinary heroine who is a true force to be reckoned with.

Lovely tip and top Director Yuki Ellias
Yuki Ellias

Yuki Ellias is an actor, director, and business coach. Her acting credits include stage works performed across the world, including Tim Supple’s acclaimed A Midsummer Night’s Dream with the Royal Shakespeare Company, Movement Director for Opera North’s revival of The Magic Flute, and her award-winning show Elephant in the Room, which had a full run at the Edinburgh Fringe. Along with her father, filmmaker Rafeeq Ellias, she has given a TED Talk on The Fine Art of Losing Money: the value of investing in creative projects. Trained at the Jacques Lecoq School for Theatre in Paris, she is also a certified pedagogue from the London International School of Performing Arts.

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Shorts Program 1

North American Premiere

Yuki Ellias

Yuki Ellias

Yuki Ellias

Viraj Sinh Gohil

Nandini Dhar

Pruthu Parab, Jay Kshirsagar

Yuki Ellias, Shubham Chaudhary, Chakori Dwivedi, Saurabh Nayyar, Satchit Puranik