Amidst a record-setting pregnancy, Rahimah juggles, remarkably well, professional aspirations, the uncertainty of impending motherhood, and making roots in 1990s America. What sends her over the edge, however, is the discovery that Haaris, her perfectly sensible husband, used to be a poet in his (not so distant) past life.

Refreshing in the sensitivity and candor with which it approaches marital strife in the face of parenthood, and peppered with gentle humor, Saleem Gondal’s impressive student film speaks of the unsettled weight of the diasporic soul for whom the rings of Urdu nazms linger never too far.

Fiction, Drama, Female-centered, Romance

Saleem Nasir Gondal
Saleem Nasir Gondal

Saleem Nasir Gondal (he/him) is a filmmaker based in New York. His work explores the power of conversation and sound to convey the interior lives of underrepresented communities onscreen. Nasir Gondal’s short film Post Term was acquired by Jetblue and Focus Features for distribution. His previous short, Super Sonic, has screened in five different countries, including at Austin Film Festival, TIDE Film Festival, and the Asian American International Film Festival. Nasir Gondal’s work has been supported by The Black List, The National Board of Review, The Gotham, Pillars Fund, and MPAC Hollywood Bureau.

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LA Premiere

Saleem Nasir Gondal

Kellie Brook Malone, Rose Frullani-Bacon, Afi Patterson

Saleem Nasir Gondal

Arsalan Danish, Kusi Del Castillo

Adriana Céspedes

Sanjana Shukla, Shezi Sardar, Nikhaar Kishnani, Shahjehan Khan