Blissfully happy in his biracial marriage and on the heels of becoming a dad, Varun is surprised to discover that his wife’s ex-boyfriend was also Indian. And so was the one before him. And then some.

With a sharp script and nuanced direction that illuminates the vulnerability of his characters, Sam Baron delivers a hilarious commentary on racial stereotypes, xenophobia, and the identity woes that sometimes come with the joys of biracial dating. A notable ensemble cast which includes the director’s long-time collaborator Amit Shah (Crashing, The Hundred-Foot Journey) and Shobu Kapoor (Polite Society), shines with impeccable comedic timing and delicious bite.

Fiction, Comedy, Romance

Sam Baron
Sam Baron

Sam Baron is a London-based writer and director. His screenplay The Science of Love and Laughter won the Academy’s 2014 Nicholl Fellowship and was included on the BritList. Baron has directed three short films starring Amit Shah: The Orgy, Big Ears, and their latest, Tall Dark and Handsome.

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Sam Baron

Nathan Craig

Sam Baron, Amit Shah

Alistair Little

Ian Robertson

Amit Shah, Laura Aikman, Sagar Radia, Shobu Kapoor